July – August Slam Report


Kongo Kong Becomes New Michigan State Heavyweight Championship – Injures Cobra T.A.

Impact TV star Kongo Kong made his PPW debut at the Polish Festival in Bronson, MI. Due to the fact that he’s an indie wrestling veteran, an international star, a TV star, and the holder of multiple championships across the world, PPW decided to give Kong his shot at Cobra T.A. and the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship. Naming Kong the number one contender was a controversial move and caused some adverse reactions among the PPW roster, however those critics were silenced as they watched in awe as the 6’4, 300 plus pound monster decimated Cobra T.A. In less than ten minutes time, the mighty Cobra had fallen, and the monster Kong was declared the new champion of PPW and the state of Michigan.

Not only did Kong defeat Cobra, he injured him as well. Cobra declined to comment on the severity of his injuries, however sources close to Cobra have indicated that he has sustained a rib injury and is “not medically cleared to compete.” Kong used his power and agility to systematically destroy the champion before dealing the final blow – a top rope splash that sent Cobra to dream street. A rematch between Kong and Cobra has been scheduled for the grand finale of the Support Our Troops Festival in Baroda, Michigan on July 30. The events for the festival kick off on Saturday, July 29, however Kong and Cobra’s date with destiny will wait until the very end.

With Kong as the proud new holder of the most prestigious prize in the state of Michigan, many wonder if an injured Cobra has a chance at taking back the title he cherished so dearly. Many also wonder if stepping into the ring with a bonafide monster while injured is a smart decision. Others wonder if PPW will allow Cobra to compete against the wishes of his doctor. These questions will be answered at the Support Our Troops Festival in Baroda, MI.


Cruiserweights Clash – The Cody Manning / Billy Ray Daniels Rivalry Heats Up

One man calls himself “The Cowboy Cruiserweight,” the other thinks of himself as “The Big Deal.” Putting all labels aside, Billy Ray Daniels and Cody Manning are two of the best cruiserweights in independent professional wrestling and two of the most exciting wrestlers in PPW. Both men are brash, arrogant, and self-absorbed. Billy Ray Daniels believes that “only real athletes come from Texas.” He’s proud of his roots, he’s proud of past great wrestlers who came from Texas and helped pave the way. And its that very pride of his state that gives him the extra confidence he needs to compete at such a high level. As annoying as arrogance can be, for Daniels, its the key to his success.

When you discuss arrogance, you can’t leave Cody Manning out of the conversation. Manning was blessed from an early age. He was born with good looks...not the kind of good looks that makes you go “aww look he’s cute.” If it were standard good looks, his cocky persona would have never existed. No, these looks are a different kind of animal. These are the kind of good looks that put infants on the center of Baby Gap advertisements on TV. Ordinary good looks only get you so far, but for the charismatic, baby faced Cody Manning, they have dictated the direction of his entire life. From the second he was born the flashbulbs never stopped. It started with fashion ads, it spiraled to TV commercials, and it blossomed into a full fledged successful career as a runway model. Cody Manning is as every bit of good looking as he says, and he’s got the credentials to back it up. You’ve probably seen him in a clothing ad and didn’t even know it. “New York City’s Magnum Man” is as every bit of a model as he claims to be.

For Manning modeling was his life, but it never gave him the fulfillment that he desired so ferociously. His life equation had been written, but it had yet to be answered. Wrestling not only answered the equation, but it gave Manning the fulfillment he had been searching for. While many scoff at the idea of a model being a pro wrestler, Manning has proved the naysayers wrong. After close to a decade in the ring, “The Big Deal” has captured many championships and is widely considered to be one of of the nation’s best cruiserweights.

In early 2017 PPW vowed to listen to its fans and make cruiserweights more prominent on event cards. PPW management signed a whole plethora of wrestlers to fill out the division, one of those signed to a deal was Billy Ray Daniels. Manning got his first taste of Daniels several months ago, and since then the two grapplers have become bitter rivals. Both men have exchanged victories over one another adding more fuel to the fire.

This Summer Billy Ray Daniels and Cody Manning are scheduled to face each other several times. As their hatred for one another deepens, the physicality seen in the ring goes to another level. Which man will walk away from this rivalry victorious? Or, with any of them walk away at all? If you want to catch the Manning/Daniels feud live, come see PPW live this Summer. Dates are posted online at www.prowrestlingatitsfinest.com



Aaron Orion Returns from the US Army to Dominate the Ring

Aaron Orion made his pro wrestling debut in PPW nearly a decade ago after being one of the first graduates of Xavier Justice’s training program. Back then the program was lovingly nicknamed the Justice League and as a “JL original” Orion found quick success in the ring. His rookie year he and fellow PPW graduate Evan Epic captured the PPW Tag Team Titles and rode a wave of success. However this success was short lived as rookie mistakes caused Orion to depart with PPW.

After Orion left PPW, he began competing for other regional promotions. He built a good reputation for himself and won some championships, however he still felt like he wasn’t reaching his full potential. After starting a family, Orion was eager for change so he enlisted in the US Army were he served as a Specialist. During his time spent in service he grew as a person and the very values he learned in the Army carried with him after his obligations for Uncle Sam were fulfilled. When Orion returned home to Michgan, he was a new man...but his opponents wondered if he was a machine.

Orion personifies intensity in the ring. Every blow he deals, every slam he executes, every hold he utilizes is done with all out intensity. Orion fears no man and when the bell rings he becomes a vicious animal that obliterates anyone in his path. After returning to PPW a few months ago, Orion has staked claim to the ring. In a short amount of time Orion has put himself right smack in the middle of the PPW title picture. And if his past record is any indication, his next reign may be right around the bend.


The Great Lakes Grappler Vows to Become Champion

Very little is known about the masked Great Lakes Grappler. PPW wrestlers know that he’s well over six feet tall and weighs in around 250lbs. Wrestlers also know that the Grappler is full of power and he packs a mean punch. Although he hasn’t won many matches in the past, his attitude is changing and now he’s showing fans that he can compete with anyone at anytime. When the G.L. Grappler first came to PPW he was the resident punching bag. Using experience as his guide, Grappler became battle hardened and learned from every mistake. Most of the PPW roster had already written him off as easy competition, but recently the G.L. Grappler has evened the score. After some strong showings in the ring the Grappler is motivated to succeed. In a recent PPW Online interview, he claimed that “his time losing matches is over and he will rise to become a champion.” The Master of the Maritime is a man driven by destiny. Will he rise to the top of the PPW ranks? Check out PPW Live this Summer to find out. Coming soon to a ring near you! Dates online at www.prowrestlingatitsfinest.com


Can Anyone Defeat the Nomads?

PPW has seen many impressive tag teams come and go over the past decade, however no team has been as dominate as CJ Anderson and Ace Evans. The Nomads have ran rough shot over the tag team scene for the past few years. They have held the PPW Tag Team Titles for a year straight, and aside from a speed bump or two, no team has been able to touch them. They are big, mean, strong, and have zero regard for the rules. Many fans and wrestlers have been upset at PPW referees because they have failed to enforce the rules during Nomad matches time after time, but what the critics aren’t considering is the fact that the Nomads are master manipulators and actually catching them violating the rules is a difficult task. Much like a magician, they like to use distractions and misdirections to break the rules. By breaking the rules they have won many matches. Refs are always vigilant in their efforts, but as the saying goes, they can’t call what they cannot see. That means, if the Nomads are going to be beat, it will have to happen the old fashioned way. Two tough hombres need to come out of the wood works and meet bone with bone. So far, no PPW tag team has been able to come out on top of the infamous Nomads. So this begs the question...who can stop the Nomads? With Nomad chapters popping up in cities across the Midwest, their strength and reach continues to grow.


Doug Dern Hired as Ring Announcer

To say that Doug Dern is a jack of all trades is an understatement. By day Doug is a successful lawyer who runs a practice in Hartland, MI. By night he’s a pro wrestling enthusiast. When he’s not watching wrestling, then he’s performing as a magician on stages across Michigan. That’s right, Doug Dern is a magic man. His tricks are nothing short of incredible as fans have watched him escape from straight jackets, catch bullets with his teeth, eat fire, and swallow swords! What could be better than a lawyer/magician/pro wrestling fan? How about adding PPW Ring Announcer to the mix?


PPW Makes North Carolina Debut

PPW made history by producing its first event outside of Michigan. The Fairgrounds Annex in Winson – Salem, North Carolina was ground zero for a breakthrough event that mared the beginning of PPW’s efforts to take the show to a national audience. PPW Vice President Scott Brand spearheaded efforts to bring wrestling to Winston – Salem. What makes this debut so special is that it was a rare collaboration between a Michigan based company and regional companies from North Carolina. Pro wrestling has a long history of nefarious business dealings, bitter rivalries and competition. However, PPW proudly worked alongside Firestar Pro Wrestling, AML Wrestling, and PPW North Carolina to showcase some of the best talent Michigan and NC has to offer. There was no tension in the locker room, in fact wrestlers have reported that working together made their experience even better. Despite the 100+ degree temps outside, the AC cooled Annex housed a crowd of nearly 500 wrestling fans who enjoyed every moment of the action. PPW wrestlers squared off with some of the finest talent in North Carolina and ROH even sent over The Boys to compete in the main event. The event was a success and more work in North Carolina is expected to follow. Stay tuned as this new market developes.


The Gluttons of Glory Summer Tour – The Hottest Ticket this Summer

The famous Gluttons of Glory Summer Tour is back and better than ever featuring pro wrestling each and every week of the Summer. Tour dates include stops all across the great state of Michigan. Although the tour is half way through, there are still plenty of opportunities to catch PPW live. Many of the Summer events are FREE! For more information visit www.prowrestlingatitsfinest.com





Wednesday, June 28 – Camp Fishtails – Pinconning, MI

Lyon Zellars def. Xavier Justice

Raja def The Beefcake

Billy Ray Daniels def Nikko Klitchkov

The Nomads def EviLucha & The Great Lakes Grappler to retain PPW Tag Team Titles


Friday, July 7 – Sportatorium – Flushing, MI

Father Time def The Beefcake

Raja Kong def Prospect Zero via DQ

Blue Steel VS The Nomads (Ace & Moe Evans) - NO CONTEST

The Great Lakes Grappler & EviLucha def Xavier Justice 2 on 1 Handicap Bout

Cobra T.A. retained Michigan State Heavyweight Championship against Nikko Klitchkov


Friday, July 14 – The Annex – Winson – Salem, NC

Labron Kozone def Xavier Justice

The Beefcake def Jude Jean to become New PPW Continental Champion

CJ Anderson & Sinn Crowley VS Tevin Turner & Cobra T.A. ruled a No Contest

“One Legged Warrior” Zach Gowen def “The Big Deal” Cody Manning

ROH’s The Boys def Marcus Kross & Griff Garrison

Natalina Corvino def Zoey Sky


Saturday, July 22 2017 – Polish Festival – Bronson, MI

Cody Manning def Billy Ray Daniels

Raja def Stormy

Kongo Kong def Cobra T.A. to become New Michigan State Heavyweight Championship

Father Time def The Great Lakes Grappler

The Nomads def Gary Dawson & Xavier Justice to Retain PPW Tag Team Titles


Upcoming Events:

July 29th & 30th – Veteran’s Festival in Baroda, MI

August 5th & 6th – Vintage Days in Houghton Lake, MI

August 12 – UAW Festival in Flint, MI

August 12 – Watertown, NY

August 19th & 20th Sumner Days in Sumner, MI

August 21st - 27th Genesee County Fair, in Mt. Morris, MI

September 2 – Expo Center in Birch Run, MI

Sep 8 – The Sporatorium in Flushing, MI

Sep 16 – Lion’s Club in Fraser, MI

Sep 23 – VFW in Muskegeon, MI


October 7 – VFW in Holland, MI

October 14 – VFW in Manistee, MI