SLAM REPORT (May 2017)


Luchas Invade Holland

Cindo de Mayo weekend in “Tulip Town” was an absolute blast. The Holland VFW hosted an action packed night of family friendly professional wrestling with a lucha twist. In honor of the long heritage of Lucha Libre in Mexico, PPW paid tribute by hosting their very own lucha themed event. The crowd enjoyed the clashes between PPW’s heroes and villains. The main event featured a Lucha Madness 4 corner team bout. The luchadores were flipping, flying, and altogether death defying as PPW paid tribute the Mexican legends. PPW was able to raise money for the Holland VFW and create one more destination for the Tulip Festival held annually in good old “Tulip Town”


Xavier Justice Uses Shenanigans to Capture Michigan State Heavyweight Championship

Xavier Justice is known as a straight laced, by the book competitor who always took pride in wrestling with honor. For the past several months the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship has been dangled in his face, but he’s not been able to defeat Cobra T.A. The reigning champion of the great state of Michigan has been on a roll after defeating Justice, WWE Alumni Zach Gowen, and a plethora of PPW powerhouses. Cobra’s title reign has been impressive and challenged often, Justice is no exception.

When the PPW tour stopped in Holland on Cinco de Mayo weekend, Justice did the unthinkable. He posed as a luchador, called himself “El Maestro Rojo” and challenged Cobra for the most prestigious prize in great state of Michigan. Hidden under a mask, posed as El Maestro Rojo, Justice took it too the champion by using a vast array of traditional lucha libre offense. After a hard fought battle, Justice got in trouble. He clung to the ropes causing Cobra to tear off the mask revealing Justice to the crowd. As Cobra froze in shock, Justice said “I’m sorry” and proceeded to roll Cobra up to score the victory. The stunned Cobra dropped to his knees as the feeling of betrayal set in. Justice and Cobra have been friends for years, but on this night the title was at stake.


3 Way Ladder Match Signed for Sportatorium in Flushing on June 9th

After stealing the title out from Cobra in Holland, Xavier Justice has drawn criticism from fans, wrestlers and officials in PPW. PPW Online caught up with PPW Vice President Scott Brand at his office Winston-Salem, North Carolina where he also serves as President of the Carolina Thunderbirds. Brand questioned the actions of Xavier Justice and vowed to “resolve the controversy immediately.” Brand stated that “there are no rules in PPW’s handbook against what Justice did in Holland, but from a personal standpoint, I question his moral judgment by using deception to win the match.” Said Brand.

With Justice winning the title, more questions arise. Ace Evans is the next in line for a championship opportunity while Cobra is guaranteed a rematch by contract. In light of the controversy, PPW VP Scott Brand decided to issue an unprecedented executive order. A new rule has been written making it illegal to pose as another wrestler to win a match. This addition to PPW’s ever expansive rule book is being nicknamed the “Justice Act.” The executive order also created a championship match to be held on June 9 at The Sportatorium in Flushing. Brand’s executive order states that the match will be a 3 way ladder match to decide the rightful champion.

This epic match signing will be the main event in an already stacked lineup of action packed professional wrestling!

Tickets for the ladder match are on sale online at On a side note Brand’s executive order also included rules directed toward the tag tam division which includes mandatory enforcement of the use of tag team ropes. Brand also added a provision that called for the mandatory inclusion of one battle royal per event, however this provision was struck down by PPW’s wrestler union.


CIA to Challenge the Nomads for the PPW Tag Team Titles in Ionia

The Nomads are the widely considered to be the most ruthless tag team in Michigan history. These outlaw ramblers break the rules while wearing a smile and show no fear against any opponents that stand in their way. Club Director of the Nomads Donahue is reportedly wanted in Canada for “club related business affairs” and his main henchman CJ Anderson & Ace Evans are the proud owners of the PPW Team Championships. They recently added Zero as their prospect and have been on a path of destruction every since. In a recent match in Holland, The Nomads intentionally disqualified themselves for the sole purpose of irony. As the Handicapped Heroes fought their hearts out, Donahue took out the equalizer...a handicap sign. Boom! Smack! Gowen & Iron hit the mat as a chorus of boos rang loud at the VFW on that fateful Saturday night and then the Nomads rode into the night.

Although the Nomads have been laying out teams left and right, there are still plenty of hungry tag teams who want a shot at becoming the champions. Denzel Titan and Diamond Couture are next in line as they step up to the plate on Saturday, June 17 at the Ionia Armory. This athletic and charismatic duo are known around the Midwest as the CIA, and they have been capturing title belts left and right.

The Nomads and CIA will clash for the belts on Father’s Day Weekend in June. To get your tickets visit or at the door.


PPW’s Summer is About to Heat Up:

Pure Pro Wrestling is in high demand as its summer schedule continues to fill with stops in cities all across the great state of Michigan. For the past 11 years PPW’s unique blend of family friendly wrestling has entertained thousands of fans while raising thousands of dollars for worthwhile community causes. PPW is proud to announce stops in Flushing, Ionia, Pinconning, Bronson’s Polish Festival, Baroda, Houghton Lake, Flint, Sumner, Mt. Morris, Birch Run, Fraser, & Muskegeon. Stay tuned to PPW’s web site regarding the upcoming “Gluttons of Glory” Summer Tour.


Gluttons of Glory Summer Tour:

June 9 – Sportatorium in Flushing, MI

June 17 – Armory Community Center in Ionia, MI

June 28 – Camp Fishtails in Pinconning, MI (PRIVATE EVENT, NO PUBLIC)

July 14 – Sportatorium in Flushing, MI

July 22 – Polish Festival in Bronson, MI

July 29th & 30th – Veteran’s Festival in Baroda, MI

August 5th & 6th – Vintage Days in Houghton Lake, MI

August 12 – UAW Festival in Flint, MI

August 19th & 20th Sumner Days in Sumner, MI

August 21st - 27th Genesee County Fair, in Mt. Morris, MI

September 2 – Expo Center in Birch Run, MI

Sep 8 – The Sporatorium in Flushing, MI

Sep 16 – Lion’s Club in Fraser, MI

Sep 23 – VFW in Muskegeon, MI


October 7 – VFW in Holland, MI

October 14 – VFW in Manistee, MI

Advanced Tickets on sale @


May Results:

May 6 – Holland VFW :

Cody Manning def. The Old Timer

The Handicapped Heroes (Zach Gowen & Greg Iron) def The Nomads (CJ Anderson, Prospect Zero, & Ace Evans) via DQ in 3 on 2 Handicap Tag Team action

Michigan State Heavyweight Title Bout: Xavier Justice as El Maestro Rojo def Cobra T.A. to become the new champions

El Tejano & Max Morrison def Los Gringos Lobos, Locura Machisto & El Hypnotico, Solaris & Eclipso in Lucha Madness 4 Corner Tag Team action

The Beefcake def the Great Lakes Grappler


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