SLAM REPORT (April 2017)


PPW Originals Aaron Orion & Christopher Saint Return to PPW:

For 11 years Pure Pro Wrestling has seen many talented wrestlers come and go. In the early years PPW’s ranks were dominated by young up and coming stars Christopher Saint & Aaron Orion. After graduating PPW’s “Camp Justice” training course each man found success early on. Orion is a former Tag Team Champion and Christopher Saint is a former Elite 8 winner. After a nice run in PPW the two decided to leave and venture out for experience and more exposure.

Saint traveled to other independent companies around the Midwest and captured several championships. Orion took a different path and joined the US Army where he served his country and found a way to compete in the ring while stationed down south. Since returning to Michigan the two have joined forces to become The Midwest Outpost. Orion & Saint have only one thing in domination. The return of Saint & AO was bittersweet as they lost a close match in Whitmore Lake against Father Time & Xavier Justice. Although The Midwest Outpost didn’t capture the Tag Team titles that night, they sent a clear message to the rest of the tag teams in PPW.


Father Time & Xavier Justice Still Tag Team Champions

PPW has seen plenty of excellent tag teams over the years, however no tag team has been as oddly paired as Xavier Justice & Father Time. Both men have two vastly different styles of wrestling. Justice is also half the age of Time making the unlikely duo exciting to watch. Despite the clash of styles and age difference these two long time friends have found a way to mesh as a team. In February Justice Time captured the belts from The Nomads and has never looked back since.


WWE Alumni Zach Gowen Eyes the Michigan State Heavyweight Title

Last February WWE Alumni & NBC American Ninja Warrior Zach Gowen made headlines by signing a long term agreement with Pure Pro Wrestling. Since the ink on the contract dried last February Gowen has followed through on his commitment by giving PPW fans some of the most exciting matches they’ve ever seen. Gowen made his intentions clear after signing his contract. He wants to win the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship while representing PPW as the best wrestler in the state of Michigan. Since signing the deal Gowen has defeated CJ Anderson, Gideon Malice, James Alexander, & Cody Manning. Gowen did get a shot at the Title, however current champion Cobra T.A. was able to hold him off. Gowen is currently one of the top contenders for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title. He is expected to get another shot this Spring.


Outlaws Collide in Ionia: Legion VS The Nomads

In what’s being billed as one of the most anticipated tag team matches in Michigan wrestling history, outlaws will collide as Legion takes the ring against The Nomads. On Saturday, April 29 in Ionia four of the toughest hombres ever to step into the ring will go toe-to-toe in an all out slug fest to determine who the most dominant team in Michigan really is.

The Nomads claim to be the superior after boasting several runs as PPW Tag Team Champions. To add validity to the claim, Nomad founder Ace Evans Heavyweight title run proved to be one of the lengthiest in PPW history. Its no secret that CJ Anderson and Ace Evans are two guys you wouldn’t want to catch in an alley after Midnight.

Phil “Nitro” Monahan & Gideon Malice are known across the country as one of the most dominant duos to ever step foot in the ring. Nitro is a twenty year veteran who has traveled the world making a living slamming men into oblivion. Malice has captured several singles championships while defeating some of the biggest stars to ever compete in professional wrestling. As the tag team Legion, Nitro & Malice have managed to break records in Michigan for the most championships held by any team. At one point Legion held over a dozen tag team titles for some of the best independent companies in the nation. They even had the honor of winning and defending the NWA World Tag Team Championships.


As these titans take the ring on April 29 in Ionia only one one thing is for certain...This will be a match that you WON’T want to miss!


PPW Cruiser-weights Demand a Stage:

For many years, American professional wrestling has been a land of the giants. Men of mountainous stature would battle for glory in gold while selling out the nation’s most prominent arenas. However this is 2017 and wrestling fans don’t just have an affinity for one flavor, in fact they want to feast their eyes on more than than just giants. Welcome to the beginning of the emergence of the cruiser-weights. High flying, hard hitting, smooth, technical, and tactical the cruiser-weights are stealing the show at events across America. The demand is so large that WWE recognized cruiser-weights by giving them their own show known as 205 Live.

Over the past six months PPW’s management team have went out of their way to seek out up and coming cruiser-weights who are hungry for opportunities that cruisers of the past decades didn’t have. Since PPW started showcasing cruisers on nearly every event, attendance has increased and the demand has grown. This is why the self proclaimed “best cruiser-weight in the state of Michigan” Cody Manning has demanded that PPW recognize his division by hosting a tournament featuring the best wrestlers under 200 pounds in the state of Michigan.

Manning is one of the most decorated stars in PPW, however his accolades aren’t as impressive as he wants them to be. He weighs in less than 200 pounds which means he is not qualified to compete for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title. No one feels the sting more than Manning, especially after considering that he won the Heavyweight title at the 2015 Genesee County Fair, only to have it taken from him because he failed to make the required weight.

Manning isn’t the only cruiser-weight voicing his opinion. Newly signed wrestlers MM3, Marcus Everett, Blake Acuman, and the Maltese Tiger all want PPW to “get with the times” and give the cruiser-weights a proper platform to showcase their abilities on.

Will PPW’s management team adhere to the demands of the fans and the cruiser-weights? Stay tuned to find out!





Cody Manning def. Great Lakes Grappler

The Nomads (CJ Anderson & Ace Evans) def Billy Jack Daniels & Chaz Montana

Michigan State Heavyweight Title Bout: Gideon Malice VS Cobra T.A. ruled a NO CONTEST

Father Time & Xavier Justice def Jeff Brooks & James Alexander



Zach Gowen def CJ Anderson

Blue Steel def Marcus Everett & The Beefcake

Cobra T.A. def The Great Lakes Grappler

Justice Time (Father Time & Xavier Justice) def Midwest Outpost (Christopher Saint & Aaron Orion)



Gideon Malice def James Alexander

“The Queen of the Congo” Raja def Arella Angel

The Beefcake def “Grizzly” House Jones

6 Man Tag for the Michigan State Heavyweight & Tag Team Titles:

Cobra T.A. & Justice Time (Father Time & Xavier Justice) def The Nomads (CJ Anderson, Ace Evans, Prospect Zero)



WWE Alumni Zach Gowen def Cody Manning

“Sinsational” Sin D def Sybil Starr

CJ Otis, Xavier Justice, & Lia Labowe def The Nomads (CJ Anderson & Ace Evans) & Raja

Betty Battles def Heather Owens

Manistee VFW’s own Bruce the Butcher def Miss Pickles


Upcoming Events:

April 7 – Freeland HS featuring "Alpha Male" Monty Brown & Zach Gowen

April 21 – Flushing Sportatorium featuring a Ladder Match between Cobra T.A. & Ace Evans - The title is on the line!

April 29 – Ionia Armory - Outlaws Collide! Legion VS The Nomads

May 6 – Holland VFW - The Luchas are coming! The Luchas are coming! Lucha Invasion Night!

May 19 – Birch Run Expo Center - Featuring WWE Alumni Zach Gowen

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