SLAM REPORT (June 2017)


Cobra T.A. Reclaims Michigan State Heavyweight Title in 3 Way Ladder Match

PPW fans are not shy in showing their love to Cobra T.A. “The Slithering Powerhouse” has charisma, raw athletic ability, and unparallelled strength, but perhaps the most shining quality of them all is his heart of gold. Cobra T.A. cares about his fans, cares about his company, and goes he goes out of the way to show it each time he steps into the ring.

On June 9 at the Sportatorium in Flushing, Cobra stood in the ring with Ace Evans and Xavier Justice with the most coveted prize in the state of Michigan hanging 15 feet in the air above their heads. Swaying carelessly back and forth, the belt glided effortlessly in the humid Summer air. The wrestlers stand in a trance like state; fixated on the championship belt it as if it were almost taunting these hungry warriors to come take it.

As the wrestler’s announcements were made, the tension in the room grew thick. These three men were about to rip each other apart. The fans knew it, the wrestlers knew it, and a mere ring of the bell would signal the beginning of the chaos. Fifteen minutes later a battered Cobra T.A. stood proudly as the announcer declared him the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion. Not only did he win the match and the championship; he survived an all out ladder war with two of PPW’s toughest men, both former champions.

Cobra T.A. Defends Michigan State Heavyweight Title Only One Week After Ladder Match

PPW returned to the Ionia Armory on June 17 to raise money for Ionia’s Parks & Recreation program. When Cobra T.A. arrived to the Armory he was sore from his ladder match only one week prior, but he was in good spirits and confident about his defense. The challenger would be as ruthless as they come, and a US Army veteran none the less. Nicknamed “The Vehicle City Villain” Aaron Orion is a 6’3 240 pound destroyer who has been on a rampage since returning home from duty. One week removed from a ladder match, Cobra T.A. was about to face his toughest challenge to date.

Orion brought intensity and emotion and threw everything he had at the champion, but some how, some way, Cobra willed himself to kick out of everything Orion could dish out. As Orion planted Cobra with one of his signature moves, the end of Cobra’s title reign looked to be near. Orion was setting him up for the final blow, but Cobra was able to use his instincts to counter and nail the Snakebite giving the champion the advantage he needed to score the pin fall. Orion took Cobra to the limit, and talks of a rematch have already been circulating through PPW’s locker room.

Nomads Defeat C.I.A. in Controversial Championship Match – Suspension and Fines Issued

As PPW returned to the Ionia Armory, a huge tag team title main event was signed between C.I.A. and the infamous Nomads. Denzel Titan and Diamond Koture traveled to the Ionia Armory all the way from Toldedo, Ohio to challenge Ace Evans and CJ Anderson for the right to stake their claim as the best tag team in PPW. Titan and Koture came out firing from the start. They used a combination of speed and power to take the early advantage. The Nomads were struggling early, but they used some nefarious tactics to even the score. Then Evans and CJ waged an all out attack on C.I.A. As things looked to play in the favor of Evans and Anderson, a simple mistake put C.I.A. back in a position to win. At the end chaos erupted and both teams found themselves in the ring against the orders of the referee James Blade. With four men in the ring and Prospect Zero sticking his nose in the match, Blade was unable to see the weapon the Nomads used to knock out C.I.A. Evans and Anderson nearly lost the match, but they found a way to win by breaking the rules once again. After reviewing the footage an official complaint was filed by C.I.A. with PPW VPO Scott Brand demanding a rematch.

PPW Vice President of Operations Scott Brand issued a statement:

“In light of yet another blatant violation of PPW rules, I have no choice but to take action against the PPW Tag Team Champions Ace Evans and CJ Anderson. Weapon usage is not permitted in any match unless previously sanctions by Pure Pro Wrestling. This was not a match with a special stipulation attached, it was scheduled to be a fair and clean fight between two of the finest tag teams in the Midwest. Unfortunately the lack of regard shown by the Nomads leaves me no choice but to issue fines and suspensions.

On Wednesday, June 28 PPW is scheduled to host an event at Camp Fishtails in Pinconning. CJ Anderson was scheduled to wrestle and earn a paycheck. He will be suspended for this event without pay. CJ Anderson will also be issued a fine for $500. Evans will be forced to compete without his fellow Nomads at ringside. 

On Friday, July 14 PPW is scheduled to host an event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Ace Evans was scheduled to compete, however he will be suspended for this event without pay. He too will be fined $500. Anderson will be forced to compete without the Nomads at ringside.

I want the Nomads and everyone else on the PPW roster to be clear. I will no longer tolerate blatant violations of the rule book. I’m sick of teams not using tag team ropes, I’m upset that teams like the Nomads think its okay to bring weapons into play during a fair fight. Its time to crack down and if anyone doubts I’m serious, just ask the Nomads when their sitting out without pay.”

After the announcement of the suspension and fines the Nomads declined to issue a statement.

PPW’s Summer is About to Heat Up:

Pure Pro Wrestling is in high demand as its summer schedule continues to fill with stops in cities all across the great state of Michigan. For the past 11 years PPW’s unique blend of family friendly wrestling has entertained thousands of fans while raising thousands of dollars for worthwhile community causes. PPW is proud to announce stops in Flushing, Ionia, Pinconning, Bronson’s Polish Festival, Baroda, Houghton Lake, Flint, Sumner, Mt. Morris, Birch Run, Fraser, & Muskegeon. Stay tuned to PPW’s web site regarding the upcoming “Gluttons of Glory” Summer Tour.

June Results:

June 9 – Sportatorium in Flushing :

James Alexander & Jeff Brooks def. The Can’t Miss Crew (Xavier Walker & Palmer Cruise)

Billy Ray Daniels def. Solaris

Midwest Outpost (Aaron Orion & Nick Xero) def Blue Steel (Cody Manning & Dazzling Dominic)

Father Time Won the $1K Gauntlet after surviving Nikko Klithkov, The Beefcake, Raja Kong, & The Great Lakes Grappler

Cobra T.A. def Xavier Justice & Ace Evans in a 3 Way Ladder Match for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title

June 17 – Armory Community Center in Ionia:

Billy Ray Daniels def. Cody Manning

Father Time VS Xavier Justice ruled a no contest after interference by the Nomads

Cobra T.A. def Aaron Orion to retain the Michigan State Heavyweight Title

Beefcake def Raja Kong

The Nomads def C.I.A. to retain the PPW Tag Team Titles


Gluttons of Glory Summer Tour:

June 28 – Camp Fishtails in Pinconning, MI (PRIVATE EVENT, NO PUBLIC)

July 7 – Sportatorium in Flushing, MI

July 14 – Winston-Salem, NC

July 22 – Polish Festival in Bronson, MI

July 29th & 30th – Veteran’s Festival in Baroda, MI

August 5th & 6th – Vintage Days in Houghton Lake, MI

August 12 – UAW Festival in Flint, MI

August 12 – Watertown, NY

August 19th & 20th Sumner Days in Sumner, MI

August 21st - 27th Genesee County Fair, in Mt. Morris, MI

September 2 – Expo Center in Birch Run, MI

Sep 8 – The Sporatorium in Flushing, MI

Sep 16 – Lion’s Club in Fraser, MI

Sep 23 – VFW in Muskegeon, MI


October 7 – VFW in Holland, MI

October 14 – VFW in Manistee, MI

Advanced Tickets on sale @


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