Pure Pro Wrestling(PPW) is an organization that produces family friendly live professional wrestling events in the Midwestern United States. PPW works directly with schools, fairs, festivals, non profit agencies, sports and academic clubs, civic orgs, and religious institutions to produce family friendly entertainment that serves as a successful fundraiser. For the past 10 years PPW has raised nearly a half a million dollars for worthwhile community causes.

PPW’s highly regarded Ringside Mentors program is one of the most unique and effective bully prevention education program in America. Several schools have reported a significant reduction in bullying reports once after PPW has visited the school district. Ringside Mentors has also been successful in preventing at least 2 suicides.

 PPW events are grand spectacles that present the heroes and villains of Pure Pro Wrestling engaging in an American tradition that’s existed for well over one hundred years. You won’t find gore and over sexualized characters during a PPW LIVE event. PPW takes great pride in presenting jaw dropping wrestling action without compromising family values. PPW does not encourage violence or stereotypes, instead it presents colorful characters engaged in an athletic contest. As a precaution, PPW warns patrons against trying pro wrestling without first seeking professional training. 

Pure Pro Wrestling is THE place to be if you’re looking for professional wrestling that the whole family can enjoy. For over a decade PPW has traveled the Midwest entertaining thousands of families while raising money for worthwhile community causes. Pure Pro Wrestling - Pro Wrestling at it’s Finest. Coming SOON to a ring near you.